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Line Dancing

with Shannon

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​PRICING: $5 Per Class​

About Me

Hey dancers! Welcome to Lakeside Line Dancing. I'm Shannon and will be instructing the class. I have been dancing in Harrisburg for almost 10 yrs and began instructing line/ partner dancing there. My family and I are in the process of relocating to the Lakeside area. If you are a beginner please come out right at 630 pm. We will start with a beginner lesson followed by an improver/intermediate lesson for the pros then open dance until 9. I would like to see couples come out as well, as I can instruct a variety of partner dances from cowboy cha cha to country swing. Come check it out! I will post the link to my youtube playlist demos of the dances I have been instructing. If you have had trouble with the link just click below!  This will be updated after each lesson. See you on the floor! 

Music List:

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